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Robbins Polygraph Service in Wasaga Beach, ON.
Robbins Polygraph Service in Wasaga Beach, ON.
Robbins Polygraph Service in Wasaga Beach, ON.
Robbins Polygraph Service in Wasaga Beach, ON.


Robbins Polygraph Service provides polygraph examinations to the legal community and to the private sector. We offer testing in both criminal and civil cases.


Private sector testing includes:

  • Therapeutic testing for addictions

  • Sexual addiction/pornography

  • Drugs

  • Alcohol

  • Gambling

  • Relationship issues

  • Family issues (theft, lies, abuse)

  • False accusations

  • Fishing/Sporting competitions

  • Other issues

The examination may be conducted at our office located in Newcastle or at your location.

Please note – If the exam is provided at the client’s location it is the customer’s responsibility to provide, at their expense, a suitable test area. The room can be in someone’s home or office or a rented meeting room at a hotel. It must be quiet and free of distractions like children crying, televisions, phones and persons talking. Room temperature should be normal. Only the examiner and the test subject will be permitted in the test area during the examination. The room should be equipped with a table, two chairs and an electrical outlet. The cost of the room is not included in the exam fee.

You may contact us by text or calling 289-830-3009 or 705-790-8110


Robbins Polygraph Service in Wasaga Beach, ON.

What is a polygraph?

A polygraph is a diagnostic instrument used by a formally trained polygraph examiner for the purpose of collecting, measuring and recording physiological data from three major systems in the body. The Cardiovascular system (heart rate, blood pressure, blood volume), the Respiratory System (respiratory activity patterns and changes) and the Electrodermal System (gavanic skin response, sweat gland activity).

Robbins Polygraph Service in Wasaga Beach, ON.

How is the test conducted?


The polygraph examination consists of three components. The pre-test, the test and the post test. 


During the pre-test the examiner will gather all relevant information available regarding the issue(s) to be tested. He will explain your rights and ask you to sign a consent form. Information about you will be gathered so the examiner is aware of any health or other issues that might affect the conduct of the examination. The issues will be explained to you and an in depth interview will take place”. He will explain how the polygraph works and answer any questions that you might have. An in depth interview will follow regarding the issue. A practice exam will be conducted to determine that you are capable of responding physiologically when you tell a lie. It will ensure the examiner that the instrument is adjusted properly. It will let you see what it feels like to have the sensors connected. The test questions will be formulated and reviewed with you word for word.


The test portion begins with the asking of the examination questions while you are attached to the polygraph. The data is collected and recorded. The examiner will repeat the questions a number of times. When he has collected sufficient data he will remove the Components from your body


During the post test phase the examiner will carefully analyse the charts produced and render an opinion based solely on the polygraph. He will discuss the results with you.

Robbins Polygraph Service in Wasaga Beach, ON.

How accurate is the polygraph examination?


Dr. David Raskin, the leading scientist in the field of polygraphy has stated that: “High quality scientific research from the laboratory and the field converge on the conclusion that a properly conducted CQT (Comparison Question Test) is a highly accurate discriminator of truth tellers and deceivers. The research results converge on an accuracy estimate that exceeds 90 percent”.

It is important to add that the examiner must be properly trained, use an approved technique and accurately interpret the charts produced.

Robbins Polygraph Service in Wasaga Beach, ON.

I am nervous about taking the test. Will that affect the result?

No we expect everyone to be nervous about taking a polygraph. The reactions produced by nervousness are very different from those recorded when someone tells a lie.

Robbins Polygraph Service in Wasaga Beach, ON.

When will I know the result of the test?


The examiner will discuss the result of the test immediately after the charts have been analysed and evaluated. If the data shows reactions to one or more of the questions asked you will be given the opportunity to explain these reactions.


Have all of your questions been answered? 

If you still have unanswered questions please contact us for clarification. 

Contact us by email or call/text at 705-790-8110.

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